Felt: A First Foray

I’m settling down to some making. Felt, when I first thought of using it, conjured up images of cute little stuffed hearts and animals, or a bit of embroidery. And that is where I have begun.

Out come the needle and thread.

Geometric Neon Mug Cosy

These little packs from Mollie Makes Magazine have been waiting for a chance to shine (and come out of their packets).
They’re great and come with all the bits you need. Plus I’m a sucker for a “free” magazine gift.



imageThe felt mug cosy was straight forward to make. The geometric pattern looks effective and now my tea will never go cold. Maybe.



The Pom Pom Bunny

image     image

This cute bunny has no purpose whatsoever other than being just so lovely. Having lost the instructions a little improvising was in order. Testing my memory of how to do back stick, blanket stitch and make a pompom, I think she came out alright! Filled with risotto rice, she also serves as an emergency food ration device.

Ideas for names welcome.


All in all I enjoyed my first felt foray! Hooray!


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