Felt: Flowers

Pinterest is filled with felt flowers of varying style and expertise. A few caught my eye and I thought I would try them out!

The fairly-simple flower:

First, a simple flower made by layering circles, pulled together by a bead. This was really quick to  make. The result is simple, but effective. Perhaps a more modern, chic kind of flower.

image      image


The fun-loving flower:

Next up, a variation of the simplistic flower above that layers up different coloured circles on top of  some classic cartoon petals.

image     image     image

It’s a chirpy, fun loving flower.

The flamboyant flower:

I’m loving the layering. And this next one layers up the petals. I thought I’d better draw up a quick template for this one: “measure twice, cut once.” A rule I occasionally remember to live by.

image     image     image

I love the back stitch that runs up each of the petals towards the button in the centre, adding a bit of interest.

(NB: I have no idea why the middle picture looks blue. Strange one.)

The favourite flower:

image     image     image


This one was the most fiddly, pulling in each of the petals, but the effect is really pretty. It’s a definite favourite for me. And who doesn’t love a button?!

The fancy pants flower:

Lots of cutting out for this little one, but ta-da! A little folding and putting together and you have a very fancy flower.

Found this one on Pinterest but it used a glue-gun to attach all the petals. Amateurs! Sewing was a bit of a fiddle but it worked quite well.

wp-1452463308488.jpg     wp-1452463337625.jpg     wp-1452463344741.jpgwp-1452463353675.jpg


And there we have it. Five felt flowers.


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