Felt: Friendly Friends

Needle Felting.

Not something I’d heard of before my recent felting endeavors. In fact, I’d only really come across felt sheets, used for Christmas Making Day and learning running stitch at school…

So this was new. And with a tool made up entirely of (surprisingly sharp!) needles, it was also fairly exciting/scary! 

I thought I’d start simple, with a sphere. Attacking the wool on the brush, I quickly discovered that this was more difficult than anticipated. The result, a clump of felt in a potato shape, is below.

image     image

Still, I persevered to make some little felt friends:

image     image     image



They turned out alright and I enjoyed experimenting. I found it really enjoyable just watching it “knit” together. Therapeutic I might say.



image     image     image

My Top Tips For Needle Felting

  1. The needles are sharp.
  2. They also break easily.
  3. Be gentle and don’t push them into the wool to hard.
  4. Felt is fluffy. The brush makes it really fluffy.
  5. Use little bits and build it up.
  6. Use more felt to cover mistakes up attach new bits.
  7. Start small.
  8. The needles are still sharp.
  9. They will keep breaking if you forget about the fact they are delicate.
  10. If at first you don’t succeed, find some plasters and carry on.

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