Felt: A Fluff-a-torium

Who knew there was a genuine Fluff-a-torium just down the road in Dorking! Time for an adventure….

I’ve dragged mum to Dorking. By dragged, she was immediately up for it, especially with the promise of hot chocolates at Gorgeous Gertie’s afterwards. 

The Gillian Gladrag Fluff-A-Torium


The Fluff-a-torium is wonderful. Full of bustling crafters: the experienced (the walk in, find it, walk out types) and the woke-up-in-the-morning-thought-I’d-have-a-go types (still mooching about trying to determine where to begin).

A workshop is happening upstairs and you can hear them busying away with projects. The staff are so friendly, helping me find all I need to try wet felting, pointing me in the direction of some online tutorials. I come out feeling very pleased with my purchases and excited for my next felting project. Watch this space!

I’ll be back. A little gem of a shop. Highly recommended.

 Finishing off our excursion with one of these, I feel well prepared to take on the world… of beginners felting.



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