Felt: Wet Felting

Well, what a weekend it has been. A first go at wet felting. And I loved it! Such a creative craft, and I loved being a little inventive. Thank you to GillianGladrag’s YouTube tutorial, which took me so clearly through the steps! If you fancy having a go yourself, you can watch her tutorial here

Wet Felting

So this is how felt is made- who knew! What a process! And here is a time lapse of my first attempt, with a cute polka dot pattern:

I was so chuffed with the result. It was surprisingly straight forward as a process and incredibly therapeutic to do. I could happily sit there for a few hours blending felt together and watching the fibres knit together. Really satisfying.

In fact, so satisfying that I woke up excited to give it another go, this time being a little more adventurous and imaginative. I’d seen felt landscapes on Pinterest and really wanted to try my hand, and having had a successful go at a pattern the day before, I decided to give it a go.

Wet Felting Landscape

I found these gorgeous colours at the Fluff-A-Torium (you can read about that fabulous adventure here!) and thought they would blend nicely into some fields and sky. Layering on some flowers and stems, I set about some wet felting. Following the steps, I was off.

Friends, I must be honest. There was a moment (chopped from the time lapse below due to appropriate Internet entertainment) where I went to rinse and it nearly all fell apart, causing a very patient husband to run to the rescue with a motivational speech in calming tones. But perseverance prevails, and after a little reinforcing and some more fibre rubbing, the fabric was made and I feel proud of the result.

I’ve got to give it to the world of felting: this tops all experiences of felt to date. Big statement. Local chums: come round and let’s live life on the fluffy felting edge. It’s just such a satisfying craft that produces such a satisfying result.



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