Sewing: A Cover Story

The sewing machine has been dusted and is living on the table ready to go! I’m looking forward to a month of machine stitching – who knows what it will bring?!

 But where to begin…

At some point I would like to practise some basic skills, try out all the different stitches and tensions, but I was eager to begin. And what do sewing machines need? A sewing machine cover! A quick google, a random blog with a pretty design and the next thing I knew I was off…

Turns out it wasn’t as simple as I thought, however I spent a while searching youtube for numerous definitions and “how to….” videos for all sorts of terminology and I got there! 

The design had a central patchwork panel, which I made up of my favourite pretty patterned scraps 🙂 This was backed with wadding and quilted, a new skill for me! I added on the side panels, stitched a lining and then attempted bias binding around the bottom edge.


I really love it. And thankfully it fits. Perhaps not the simplest of starts, but worth persevering for! I think I’ll have to come back to this patch-working quilting business – sounds like a future project to me…

And another plus, I only managed to leave one sneaky pin on the inside to prick my fingers on unexpectedly…oops!!

Fancy making one yourself? Here’s the blog I found the design on: Sew Delicious

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