Sewing: Dress Making

Pretty fabrics and time with the sewing machine. What joy the Easter holidays bring!! 

Took a trip to “Thread Bear” in Warlingham to find some fabric to make the shift dress featured in this month’s Mollie Makes Magazine. Torn between the safety of navy blues and the daring vibes of Spring reds, I eventually decided for the latter. With the fabrics in hand, it then dawned on me that I had to actually give it a go and not just stare at the pretty pieces of material in front of me…

Printing the pattern was the first challenge: paper chaos. But once I’d pieced it all together, I just couldn’t put it down! 

Happy memories of summer projects with mum gave me the confidence to get stuck in, but there was plenty of new vocabulary: 

Selvage: the real edge of the fabric, often with its name printed

Yoke: the top part (on my dress the floral patterned material) of the dress which goes around the neck

Blind stitch: stitching 2 pieces together invisibly

Got it. Kind of.

Here’s the yoke!


One of my favourite things about this dress is that it has POCKETS. I just love pockets. A sneaky pretty hiding place for cosy hands….


It took a little longer than anticipated to tidy up the woven fabric, but I’m glad I did! All tidy and hemmed, the moment came to throw it on: and here it is….


And it’s our little secret that inside those pockets there’s a whole lot of happy spring flowers! 

Here’s to spring days, sunshine and pretty fabrics!


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