Assorted Activities: Part 2

August was mostly filled with more scrapbooking across the states, and then moving house. 

Again, the fun of the summer and freedom of the holidays just required a bit more flexibility with crafting! 

Here are a few snapshots of what I’ve been up to:


One of the great joys of moving! I love to get painting, choosing all the colours to make a room cosy! It used to be bright blue and red, so there was plenty of preparation work to do: painting the walls grey first, then the woodwork and the coving… Most enjoyable!

We like it! Homely.

Some cake baking:

Bake off has begun and I feel inspired! A special birthday cake for a Percy-Pig-Loving friend:

(Even if I looked ridiculous carrying the tub into London with ice packs thrown on top for sun-protection!)

And now to get the classroom ready. That’s a different kind of craft… Roll on September! 

Summer – it’s been a pleasure. 


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