Paper: Christmas Cards

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. everywhere I go!  

Sorry. I know it’s October but the seasonal joy is beginning for me! With the event of the year looming [ St Mary’s Reigate Christmas Market ] I just couldn’t help myself, filling October’s paper project with Christmas Cards!

Get your orders in now!

This little design I created for the first time last year. I drew each image on a graphics pad and then printed them. Adding a little sparkle to each design and both side soft the Merry Christmas gives them an extra Christmas sparkle and that touch of homemade. 

Packaged up in packs of 8, these cute little (A7) cards are ready to go with their brown paper envelopes.

These are my slightly bigger cards, no prints, all stamped out and of course entirely handmade!

Nothing like a card at Christmas, there’s just something special about stamps and post.

See you at St Mary’s Christmas Market, Reigate on 19th November  🎄 xx


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