Wood: String Art

I am so excited for the Christmas Market! It’s this month! 

I’ve been a busy bee getting things ready and this year I’ve ventured into the world of String Art.

I love wood- the colour, the grain, the whole look. This is something I’ve been plotting for a while!

It’s handy having a dad who works in the worktop world – samples and off cuts a plenty – WIN!

So Christmassy stars, initiated by plenty of pinterest searching!

First we (that’s right – couple crafting) hammered in the nails into a star shape. A small debate about whether to measure, stencil or just guess landed us with a pretty nice star in the end!

Then we wove the gold string around the nails trying to get as much coverage as possible!

I love the result and can’t wait to take them to the Christmas market!

I’m also planning mini ones and tree shaped ones 🎄x


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