Christmas Crafting .2

A break from the classroom has made space for more craftiness! Had a little go at macrame, tied myself in the knots!

Not entirely sure what to do with it… or where it has gone come to think about it…..

Decorated the Christmas came- I have achieved!! Can’t claim credit for the bake… that was all Mumma G, but I was allowed access to the food colouring and icing and I like the end result! (Even if it was slightly off centre…)

I also had some time to mooch through the treasures in the loft! This was my grandmothers typewriter- and what a beauty she is! Loved typing a good old fashioned letter to a friend- loving thinking that someone else shared those keys. 

I also had a wonderful encounter with an elderly neighbour where said “play for me dear” and the. She sat and tinkled in the same keys in return. Wonderful.

Finally meet this little chap:

Another Mollie Makes special! Love this little guy, he’s currently living on my cardigan pocket and making me smile!

I love having time to create. Marvellous.


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